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        濰拖TY系列基本型拖拉機Weituo TY series basic type tractor


        This series of products is currently the performance of advanced direct-linked small horsepower tractors, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive two series. With the transmission efficiency, low vibration, traction, adaptability, start-saving features, is a small four-wheel tractor upgrading. Equipped with a jaw differential lock, improve the unit through; set up a hydraulic output interface, can be directly connected with the dump trailer. (3 + 1) * 2 six-speed or (4 + 1) * 2 eight-speed gearbox; eight-speed gearbox can be a variety of configurations; can be used for single or double-acting clutch according to the needs of different users; Optional crawler; power output can be single-speed, but also two-speed; fixed or adjustable track; rear "O" or "I" class suspension.

        產品型號: TY404 |  TY400 |  TY354 |  TY350 |  TY304 |  TY300 |  TY284 |  TY280 |  TY254 |  TY250 |  TY224 |  TY220 |  TY204 |  TY200 |  TY184 |  TY180 | 
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