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        濰拖王A系列拖拉機Weituo King A series tractor


        Weituo King A series tractor is in the advanced level of the same rated power range in Domestic. Its engine is R series 4 cylinder diesel engine and oil consumption is low and torque reserve is large. The tractor configurations include steering system, hydraulic system, II category hydraulic three-point suspension system and force, place comprehensive control, independent operation double clutch. Gear box uses meshing shift which consists of 4*(2+1) shifts, 8 forward shifts and 4 reverse shifts; when choosing creeper gear, 16 forward shifts and 8 reverse shifts; many working shifts and reasonable layout. Double speed PTO with national standard. It uses split type and full sealed cabin which has heater, fan, radio and so on. The tractor is not only suitable to work in the dry land and transportation, but also suitable for paddy land and engineer industry field. Four wheel drive designed on the basis of two wheel drive. It adds transfer case, transmission shaft, front driving axle and front driving tire which is more suitable for hill, pastoral area.

        產品型號: SWT A1104 |  SWT A1004 |  SWT A1100 |  SWT A1000 |  SWT A954 |  SWT A904 |  SWT A854 |  SWT A804 |  SWT A950 |  SWT A900 |  SWT A850 |  SWT A800 | 
        SWT A1104型產品介紹
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